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Leofoo Water Park, next to Leofoo Village Theme Park and Leofoo Resort Guanshi, presents you the oceanic atmosphere created by Greek architecture and surroundings. NT$ three hundred and ninety million was invested into the production of this 3 hectares and three years of Leofoo Water Park, and now it waits for you to come and take on its challenge! Leofoo Water Park has divided into two areas, Greek resort, rides and slides with many exciting designs and is very suitable for children and adults as well. This is the first Water Park in the presentation of architecture beauty in Taiwan.



Leofoo Water Park was designed and built as Greek islands, the architecture features with Greek countryside with blue and white Greek decorations. A variety of Greek exotic restaurants offers delicate cuisine in Greek style. We expect to create an environment and surroundings for guests to be just like in Greek, a kind of romantic and relaxing holiday ambiance.


We offer you the exclusive fast-slowing and slow-slowing river in Taiwan, the first waterslides in a height of 15 meters in Taiwan, and other 8 kinds of slides with fun, racing, single or dual slides with different features. In addition, we have Wave pool, Water Cannon, Dancing Fountains, and the attractions specially designed for family and children to give you the whole new experience, and the exquisite cuisine with Mediterranean style from exotic restaurants are served for you, suitable for children and adults as well. Water Park offers a wide variety of restaurants that cater to every taste. You can either choose exquisite cuisine from exotic restaurants or go for the fast food option with our pizzas and burgers menus. Welcome to Leofoo Water Park and have fun with us!


We are planning to build the hot spring facility to make Leofoo Water Park fully-equipped to provide our guests with the different and delicate experience for the whole 365 days! It’s coming soon!