HOMEPark InfoBefore You Go

To ensure all visitors enjoy the finest quality experience at Leofoo Village, we kindly ask all visitors to please note the following items!
Considerations for amusement facility riders

1.The nature of specific rides may prevent access to these rides by seniors, expectant mothers, heart disease patients and disabled visitors.


2.In order to ensure the safety of visitors on the amusement rides, height requirements are applicable to specific rides:


█ Required height above 90 cm : Little Rattler, Mystery Tomb, Rocking Steamboat, Dynamic Motion Theater, Flying Carpet, Sultan's Adventure, Monkey Trail, Pony Express Stage Coach (height requirement 90~120 cm), Sahara Twister (height requirement 90~185 cm).


█ Required height above 110 cm:Big Canyon Rapids Ride, Captain Cook's Swing Boat, Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure, Deep Sea Adventure, Poncho Villas Crazy Barrels.


█ Required height above 130 cm : Ring of Fire, Old Oil Well. 


█ Required height above 140 cm: Screaming Corridor (height requirement 140 ~ 190 cm), Pagoda's Revenge (height requirement 140 ~ 190 cm).

Pet-sitting service In order to avoid any inconvenience, please refrain from bringing pets into the park. Visitors traveling with pets should make use of the pet-sitting service (NT$ 50) at the Visitor Information Center (next to the park ticketing office)
Same day re-entry Visitors inside the park requiring to exit and re-enter the park are kindly requested to be stamped for re-entry at the park exit
First aid All amusement rides, shops and restaurants in the park are equipped with basic first aid kits; medical stations are located in all theme village sections, please approach service personnel on-site for assistance
Forbidden items

█ For the health and safety of all park visitors, please do not bring any of the following items into the park: Alcoholic beverages, gas stoves, cooking utensils, glass containers. Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings in the park and on all amusement rides; Chewing gum and beetle nuts are also prohibited inside the park; Large recording equipments such as BATACAM, S-VHS, 35 mm video recorders and bellows camera are not allowed inside the park.


█ Conditions for photographing and video recording inside the park:All photos, videos and sound recordings taken inside the park should be for private use only. Leofoo Village Theme Park reserves the right to take legal action against those who make commercial use of materials recorded inside the park without prior consent from Leofoo Village Theme Park .


█ All sound amplifying equipments is not allowed inside the park. 


█  Please refrain from eating while seated on rides or in show performances.

Other items 1. The amusement facilities accessible to ticket holders refers to the animal displays and amusement facilities not on routine maintenance in the park.
2. Operations of specific amusement facilities or performances are subjected to weather conditions and maintenance issues. Please refer to announcements made on site.
The park welcomes all visitors to use the several convenient services
in the park
Visitor Information Center Located on the right of the ticketing office at the park entrance. Services offered include: pram and wheelchair rental, ATM, storage lockers, storage of big luggage, medical station, lost children services, pet-sitting, lost property services, park facilities and other related information services.
Credit cards The ticketing office and all shops and restaurants in the park accepts VISA, Master, JCB and Union credit cards.
Wireless internet service Free wireless internet is available at the coffee shop upstairs of Sheik's Treasure in the Arabian Kingdom theme village section.
Coupons Coupons of NT$ 100, 120 and 150 are available from the Visitor Information Center and is accepted by all shops and restaurants in the park.
Priority access Please contact park personnel for priority access to facilities for the disabled. Barrier-free access and restrooms are available throughout the park.
Public telephones Public telephones are available at numerous locations in the park. Phone cards are sold at all shop in the park.
Restrooms Theme statue guides are placed in front of all restrooms in the park. Toilet paper, toilet seat paper covers and baby change rooms are available in all restrooms.
Safety & insurance Safety checks are performed on all facilities everyday at 1 hour before the park opens. In addition, Leofoo Village is covered with a public liability insurance of NT$ 2 million.